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Why do I need an agreement?

In order to carry out proper accounting, we, as a corporation, are obliged to prove on what basis and to whom we have paid out commissions. In addition, both parties should have a written basis upon which the working relationship is built that clarifies the mutual rights and obligations.

Which agreement is relevant for me?

There are two types of agreements: the referrer agreement and framework agreement. Referrers are not authorized to provide consultation regarding insurance products. They advise their customers on which insurer or insurance agent they can take out suitable insurance coverage from. Advising the customer in further respects is not permitted. A framework agreement mainly regulates the working relationship between brokers, independent insurance agents §§ 84 ff. HGB (Handelsgesetzbuch, German Commercial Code) or commercial brokers according to §93 HGB. Further regulations must be taken into account here. The documents can be sent to you via e-mail upon request.

What is a framework contract?

To avoid any confusion with a framework agreement: A framework contract is an individually calculated insurance product that can be tailored to the special needs of specific customer groups. As a rule, a framework contract is produced when at least 100 persons are insured as a homogeneous group for a period of up to 3 months or approximately 50 persons are insured for a period of one year. The advantages here are a simple registration procedure, insurance coverage starting from the date of entry, a flexible scope of benefits and generally more favorable conditions than when persons individually take out coverage.

Who can enter into a framework contract?

Basically any person or institution that needs or would like to insure a larger group of people for a temporary period of time. You can find out more about the procedure and the requirements to be met upon request.

What documents do you need to establish a working relationship?

Referrers only need to enter into a referrer agreement, which we will gladly send you. Brokers who enter into a framework agreement with us require, in addition to this, official authorization as a financial services provider (IHK registration) in accordance with §34 d of the GewO (Gewerbeordnung, Trade Regulation Act).

If I enter into a contract with you, am I obliged to sell only your products (to be a tied agent)?

The agreement only regulates a proper working relationship and provides both parties with a legal basis. You are not limited in your entrepreneurial freedom from our side. On the contrary—with us as your partner, you can expand your product range and thus your own services with attractive niche products.

When do I receive my commission?

The commission payments are always calculated after the end of a quarter on the basis of the premium payments received from submitted policies by that time within the payroll-relevant period. The payroll accounting takes place on the 15th of the month following the previous quarter.

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